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Music Ministry

Music and Arts

First Presbyterian's music and arts family has all of this...and more. Much more.

Whether you're looking to participate or to sit back and enjoy what's offered, we invite you to join us. There are plenty of seats in the congregation...and there's plenty of room in our various groups.

First Presbyterian Church has a long and distinguished music and arts history. Our programs have not only enriched the congregation and the worship services, but have also reached into the community. We've made a difference there, too.

So we invite you to browse our website. Just click to find out more about music and arts at First Presbyterian!


One thing about it, we're blessed with a plethora of pianos.

Gracing our Sanctuary is a seven-foot Steinway grand piano, donated to the church in the mid-1980s by Helen Light. The choir rehearsal room houses the other Steinway, a spinet.

The remaining pianos, all spinets, are scattered throughout the church, in music rooms, the fellowship hall, the chapel and several lounges.

The contemporary sanctuary houses a three-manual Austin 31-rank pipe organ with 19 stops. It has 1,899 pipes (the smallest the size of a pencil and the largest, 16 feet long. The organ was moved from the old church in 1924 and was installed in the present church in 1961. Its umbilical cord design allows it to be moved for concerts. 

What kind of music are you looking for?

  • The tuneful blend of choral music?

  • Something we haven't thought of yet?

Want to know more about Marie Boette and her influence on music at First Presbyterian Church and the Mid-Ohio Valley? Click here.

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